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“Still Bloody Cold” Linkdump

Well, it is. Tomorrow, there’s even supposed to be snow again. On Maundy Thursday. If you’ve been hanging around this or my other blogs, you may have noticed a few changes. First of all, my posts now have a “Like” … Continue reading

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Tidbits from Elsewhere

I’ve been blogging at my other two blogs today. At Pegasus Pulp, I compare my experiences ordering print books from Amazon and its German competitor Thalia. So far Amazon wins hands down. And at the ABC Buhlert site, I discuss … Continue reading

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The Mayan Apocalypse fails to appear, so here’s a non-post-apocalyptic linkdump

So the Mayan apocalypse failed to appear today to very little surprise. Though since the Mayas did not specify the exact time the world is supposed to end, we may not be out of the woods yet. However, today school … Continue reading

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Still Frosty Linkdump

We’re still stuck with frost, though the weather is less extreme than it has been these past two weeks. Tonight we’re experiencing “only” five degrees below zero. I haven’t blogged a lot at this place of late, but I blogged … Continue reading

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Reconsidering my place in the local literary scene

After two days of concentrated teen drama (two fifth-graders hitting each other with fallen branches found in the schoolyard and a crying fourteen-year-old lamenting that nobody likes her), I spent last night at the bilingual Brückenschläge reading at the Café … Continue reading

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Cora blogs somewhere else yet again

Still no post here, because I was busy with something else. However, I have got a round-up of links to news stories about nuclear and alternative energy (Yeah, I know. Exciting) at the ABC Buhlert blog. I know that I … Continue reading

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The Emmy Awards, America is losing its taste for contemporary stories and some writing links

So the 2011 Emmys have been awarded on Sunday. Several wins for Mad Men and Downton Abbey, neither of which I like, as I’ve stated before. There have also been wins for Boardwalk Empire, which I haven’t seen, because it … Continue reading

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The dominance of US storytelling modes, the implications for international writers and other links

I’m surprisingly wordy today, even though I seem to have caught some kind of bug. Because after the lengthy harassment post, here are some other links too good to pass up:

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More feminist Game of Thrones hate and a remake that should never have happened

First of all, I have two new posts up at my sister sites, namely an indie publishing link round-up at Pegasus Pulp and a post on Gorleben (which has nothing to do with John Norman’s infamous Gor novels, though that … Continue reading

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Linkdump for a Wet Weekend

There are new posts over at the Pegasus Pulp and ABC Buhlert blogs, so today’s a linkdump day for this blog:

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