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New short story: Love in the Times of the Macrobiotic Müsli

Those of you who would like to see more German set stories will hopefully enjoy my latest offering. For Love in the Times of a Macrobiotic Müsli is set in Germany, West Germany to be exact, in 1982. Now the … Continue reading

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Making my Peace with the God of Thunder – Of Marvel’s Thor, Richard Wagner and Cultural Appropriation has some more amusing post Comicon reporting such as a whole lot of photos and videos of John Barrowman a.k.a. Captain Jack Harkness kissing a whole lot of more or less famous people of various genders and species. The … Continue reading

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Interview with Writer K.S. Augustin a.k.a. Cara d’Bastian

Today, I continue my irregular series of interviews with international indie writers and welcome K.S. Augustin a.k.a. Cara d’Bastian to my blog. K.S. Augustin’s indie publishing venture Sandal Press celebrates its second anniversary in August. 1.      Tell us a little … Continue reading

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Too Bloody Hot Linkdump sums up all the important stuff that happened at this year’s San Diego Comicon. Love Loki assembling his army in the middle of a “Marvel films” panel. I never much cared for Loki in the comics (or Thor for … Continue reading

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Just Strangle the Damned Cat! – The Problem of Formulaic Storytelling

Yesterday I blogged about how I don’t much care for what is currently considered “quality drama” in the US and that I find many of the regular, non-prestigious TV dramas, cop shows, police procedurals and the like, inferior to similar … Continue reading

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Some Reflections on the 2013 Emmy Nominations and the State of US Television in general

The nominations for the 2013 primetime Emmy awards have been announced. Some love for Game of Thrones, which makes me happy, particularly the acting nominations for Diana Rigg (who stole pretty much every scene she was in), Peter Dinklage (his … Continue reading

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Photos: Saarbrücken with bonus Stengel churches

As promised yesterday, here are some photos of my recent trip to Saarbrücken. Now Saarbrücken is a bit of an oddity, for though the settlement dates back to Roman times, the current city was only created in 1909 by the … Continue reading

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A Thousand Kilometer Round-Trip

I was away these past two days, because I took my oath as a court-approved certified translator. The background is that translations of official documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, etc… have to be certified. And certified translators need to … Continue reading

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Sick of Summer Linkdump

Sorry for the lack of blogging these past two weeks, but I have not just been insanely busy ever since the summer holidays began, but I also caught a nasty summer flu bug last week and have been pretty sick. … Continue reading

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A new cover for “The Other Side of the Curtain”

The Other Side of the Curtain was one of the three Pegasus Pulp launch titles and coincidentally also the first cover I ever created. That given, it’s not a bad cover. I even drove out specifically to a local junkyard … Continue reading

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