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Photos: The Visbek Bridegroom Megalithic Tombs

Yesterday was Pentecost Monday, which is a public holiday in Germany. And since the weather was sunny, but not overly warm, it was also the perfect day for an outing. While looking at the map, wondering where to go, my … Continue reading

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Of False Memories and Explosions

Yesterday, I came across this article by Kate Lunau on Motherboard, in which psychologist Julia Shaw explains false memories and how they form. It’s a fascinating article, which also struck a chord with me, because I have a very vivid … Continue reading

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An interview and a new post-apocalyptic collection: After the End

For starters, I’ve been interviewed by C.E. Martin, author of the pulpy Stone Soldiers series, as part of his Chowmageddon series about post-apocalyptic fiction and particularly food after the apocalypse, so head over there and check it out. And while … Continue reading

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Photos: Leer in East Frisia

Yesterday was Ascension Day a.k.a. Father’s Day, which is a public holiday in Germany. Ascension Day is traditionally a day for outings, including the infamous Father’s Day tours where groups of young men, most of whom are not fathers, set … Continue reading

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Seasonal Views of Bremen 2015

Yesterday, I didn’t have school, so I took the chance to go to Bremen and take a stroll over the Christmas market. And since I was in Bremen already, I had lunch at the Übersee Restaurant, their lunch special of … Continue reading

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More on Amazon’s problematic “Man in the High Castle” ads

For starters, Amazon has agreed to pull its controversial subway ads for its streaming video series based on Philip K. Dick’s novel The Man in the High Castle, after lots of people including a few politicians complained. The video included … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Amazon’s problematic ad campaign for “The Man in the High Castle”

The US genre sphere is currently awash with discussion of new SFF TV and streaming video shows, which makes me quite jealous, since it’s the TV doldrums over here in Germany at the moment. But from my US friends, I … Continue reading

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Missile Hill Revisited, now with bonus pumpkins

Back in 2012, I posted about a place near the town of Syke colloquially known as Missile Hill, an abandoned US Army installation turned nature preserve with look-out tower. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any photos from the top of the … Continue reading

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“Good Bye, Lenin”, Thuringia, ambiguity and the vanishing of two countries

Warning: There is a lot of blather about German politics in the following, so if that bores you just skip this post: Send to Kindle

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New German spy story available – Neue Spionagegeschichte auf Deutsch erhältlich: Auf der anderen Seite des Vorhangs

I have a new release in German, namely the German language version of The Other Side of the Curtain. I initially planned to announce the new release on November 9 to tie in with the 25th anniversary of the fall … Continue reading

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