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The Diminishing Returns of Popular Culture

A. Lee Martinez is troubled by the increasing Disneyfication of popular culture, as Disney gobbles up all sorts of media properties, and by the exploitation of popular media properties in general without asking if there really are any new stories … Continue reading

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Dynasty and socially acceptable homophobia

An obscure satellite station has started rerunning Dynasty in a late night slot, one episode per night, and so I recently came across it. Now I haven’t watched Dynasty – and I always have to force myself not to refer … Continue reading

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Still Snowy Linkdump

We still have snow and even got some new snow today, though it’s supposed to start melting tomorrow, most likely with freezing rain, too – brrr. And that on a day I’m supposed to go to Oldenburg. Anyway, I’ve got … Continue reading

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Winter Woods Redux

We had some more snow this week. And though I was very busy with lots of behind the scenes stuff, I still found the time to go hiking once more. What is more, I also took photos. So here are … Continue reading

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Some Reflections on the Lower Saxony State Elections

As promised, here are my remarks and reflections about the Lower Saxony state elections, somewhat belated, because I was tired and busy and because the election result frankly baffled me. Because to be honest, I fully expected the conservative CDU … Continue reading

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An interview and two political plagiarism links

For those of you (if any) waiting for my comments on the Lower Saxony state elections, you’ll have to wait a bit longer, because I currently don’t feel able to comment, largely because the results baffle me. Meanwhile, I was … Continue reading

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In the Winter Woods

I’ll comment on the Lower Saxony state elections tomorrow, once they’ve actually figured out who won and where things are going. My reaction is pretty “meh” anyway. I already voted by mail-in ballot some time ago. So instead of going … Continue reading

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New German language short story available – Neuer Kurzkrimi auf Deutsch erhältlich

I have a new German language short story available. And since I got a request for more funny stories in German, this is one is a translation of Loot, a funny crime short with no violence and a real jerk … Continue reading

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The First Gender Debate of the Year

2013 is not even three weeks old and we’re already having the first gender balance in speculative fiction debate of the year. The debate was inadvertedly kicked off by Aidan Moher, when he posted about his reading goals for 2013 … Continue reading

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Links for a Snow Day

First of all, I added a few new haiku to The Haiku Zone in the top left corner of the page. There are now 23 rotating haiku featured. Meanwhile, I’ve also got a bunch of links to share: The Golden … Continue reading

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