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Holding Back the Flood of Spam

Comment spam has been increasingly problematic for WordPress blogs. In the past few weeks, I have been getting twenty to thirty spam comments per hour. Users mostly never see them, but scanning through and deleting the spam comments (important, because … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Lower Saxony State Elections and some SF Links

First of all, my internet still works. Well, sort of, at any rate. For at the moment I can only access the Internet via my laptop and netbook and not via my dsktop PC. That requires a fix that will … Continue reading

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Lots of election analysis and some links

This weekend’s state elections in Berlin were interesting, to say the least. The full election results with wins and losses, vote distribution, etc… are here by the way. There’ll be some analysis and neepery about German politics behind the cut, … Continue reading

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A Rainy Day Linkdump

The rainstorm that lasted for most of yesterday night and this morning caused floodings all over Bremen. When I got up this morning, the air had a strangely brownish yellowish tinge. Almost like a sandstorm or after a nuclear explosion, … Continue reading

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The Strunk and White Aftermath – and a linkdump

The Strunk and White avalanche is still continuing. July 12 got only 19 views less than July 11. Links are popping up in various places as well, including one in a Making Light open thread in this comment. Meanwhile, absolutely … Continue reading

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Cora goes to the mall – and testdrives an iPad

I hadn’t actually planned to go anywhere today, but a friend called me this afternoon. He was feeling restless and wanted to go to the cinema, so we headed for the Waterfront mall which currently houses Bremen’s nicest multiplex cinema. … Continue reading

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I’m back! – now with extra Zeppelin porn

Yes, I’m back. Turned out the problem was caused by a WordPress plug-in. Oddly enough, the plug-in had been working just fine for months, then it suddenly fails. In other news, my new TV was delivered today. I have now … Continue reading

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Michael Moorcock Time Two

WordPress won’t let me access most of my administration page, so here’s just a quick post and two links: The Guardian has a long interview of writer Hari Kunzru with Michael Moorcock. And for more Moorcock, here is the man … Continue reading

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Links, mainly tech related

Estara has been kind enough to create a Livejournal feed for this blog. So if anybody else needs one, here it is. John Scalzi has a rant about Facebook and why he doesn’t like it. He gets quite a bit … Continue reading

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Can anyone tell me why WordPress dumps my own comments (not pingbacks, but proper comments) into the spam folder? I’m obviously not going to spam my own blog.

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