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Upcoming Event

And now for a bit of shameless (self)-promotion for those in the Bremen area: Coffee Rings, the launch reading/performance of No. 27 of newleaf, a literary magazine I’ve been involved with for several years now, will take place on Wednesday, … Continue reading

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More Celebrity Deaths

It really seems to be the season for celebrity deaths, because almost every day you hear that another actor, singer, director, writer or other artist, whose work has influenced your life in big or little ways, has died. Today, we … Continue reading

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Update on the “fire” and some writing links

That flickering flame thing in the neighbours’ garden really is a storm lantern of some kind. The flame is pretty big, though, for a candle. I wouldn’t be surprised if some nighttime or early morning passer-by calls the fire brigade … Continue reading

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Flames in the Night

We still have snow plus pretty heavy frost (-7 degrees), by our standards at least. However, the snow and the frost and the frozen trees were hidden by some very thick fog, so we didn’t get to enjoy much of … Continue reading

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Snowy Friday

We had more snow today, and this time it actually stuck around. It also got really cold. At the moment, we’re having six degrees below freezing according to the Firefox weather widget and minus 7.6° C according to the indoor/outdoor … Continue reading

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Of Turkeys and Teen Drama

Last night’s snow didn’t even last until morning. By the time I got up, it was all gone except for a few stubborn remnants on the neighbour’s roof. The internet, it seems, has pretty much shut down thanks to the … Continue reading

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I just chanced to look out of the window and saw that we had the first snowfall of the winter overnight (well, actually, it still is night). And just in time for the first advent weekend, too. I guess this … Continue reading

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Fire and Pulp

There was some excitement at school today. When I walked into the building some fifteen minutes before the beginning of the afternoon classes, I was struck by how empty the place was. There were barely any students about. I could … Continue reading

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Yet another quick drive-by post

I’m tired, so just a quick drive-by post: Today, I was visiting my aunt at the care home where she is staying following a back operation and got mistaken for a doctor. When I left, one of the old ladies … Continue reading

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Rocks of History

Today, I prepared a text about Thanksgiving in the US for my students. I like to incorporate current events and national holidays into my lessons whenever possible. While writing about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving (the actual lesson will … Continue reading

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