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Flowers in the Attic and some surprising parallels to Game of Thrones

Tonight I chanced to watch the 2014 adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ cult classic Flowers in the Attic, starring Ellen Burstyn, Heather Graham and Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper in Mad Men). I was actually surprised how negative many of the reviews … Continue reading

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Science fiction and Romance Linkdump

First of all, science fiction writer, terminal cancer patient and regular reader of this blog Jay Lake has the chance to take part in a clinical trial for a new cancer treatment, which will hopefully help both Jay and other cancer … Continue reading

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V.C. Andrews – Mistress of the Teen Gothic

There seems to be a V.C. Andrews renaissance of sorts, probably because a new movie has just been announced starring the girl who plays Sally Draper in Mad Men (well, she has the look and she can act). At any … Continue reading

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Danish Waif Wins Eurovision Song Contest or Thor II: The Musical

I almost forgot this was on and spent the first half of the evening watching something else, but while channel flipping during a commercial break, I suddenly realized that the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest was on tonight, broadcast live from … Continue reading

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Fresh May Links

According to the Telegraph, the translators who translated Dan Brown’s new book were basically kept secluded in some kind of maximum security bunker without mobile phones, internet access and very little time outside. I’ve heard of conditions like those in … Continue reading

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The New Yorker and some links for the Euro 2012 kick-off

So I finally managed to purchase the science fiction issue of The New Yorker at the airport bookstore, which is the only place in town that carries the magazine. Had to pay twice the US cover price, too – wince. … Continue reading

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Walpurgis Night Linkdump

Well, it was either Walpurgis Night or Koninginnedag. I’d actually hoped to announce a new release today, but OmniLit/AllRomance is having upload issues today, so have a linkdump instead: Ellen DeGeneres attempts to record the audio book edition of Fifty … Continue reading

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A real life vampire, the resurrection of the gothic and two great artists remembered

I’m not feeling too hot today. It’s either the weather or there was something wonky about the Tofu burger or the dusty bottle of African style ketchup I had with it last night. My latest e-book still isn’t up at … Continue reading

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A Quick Linkdump about Gender, Marriage and Smurfs

I have to get up early, because I have to take my Dad to the airport, so here’s just a quick linkdump: The discussion on the invisibility of women in science fiction is still going strong with an SF Signal … Continue reading

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The gothic roots of urban fantasy

Romantic suspense writer Gennita Low muses about the connection between Wuthering Heights and today’s urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres. Gennita Low does have a point there. Today’s urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres are clearly descendants of the gothic … Continue reading

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