More August Search Term Weirdness

August seems to be the month for weird searches, because I got some more really strange search strings in the past few days.

For example, someone apparently typed “wanking outdoors to passers by” into a search engine and landed at my blog. I have no idea why, since I am not in the top twenty results for that search term. Never mind that “wanking outdoors to passers-by” sounds like the sort of thing that can get you arrested real quickly.

Here is another gem that showed up among my searches: “can i be pregnant by a supernatural way?” First of all, it’s either “Can I be pregnant in a supernatural way?” or “Can I be pregnant by a supernatural being?” The answer in either case is no, by the way. That sort of thing only happens in the Bible or in certain bad SF films or TV shows.

This one, finally, was just puzzling: “phil ivey wsop 2011”. My first reaction was, “Who the fuck is Phil Ivey and what has he got to do with my blog?” A bit of googling revealed that WSOP stands for World Series of Poker, Phil Ivey is a professional poker player, who is boycotting the event this year to protest against an online poker site not paying out winnings to its customers. Which is a nice show of solidarity by Mr Ivey. I still have no idea what any of this has to do with my blog, though, especially since I don’t like poker and consider it somewhere behind snooker, cricket and curling in terms of excitement.

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