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A Big Dump of Mixed Links

Somebody found my blog today by googling “cora buhlert sexy pics”. Now I’m torn between wondering who would be looking for sexy pics of my little old self on the internet and what exactly they were hoping to find. The … Continue reading

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A bit of searchterm weirdness and a great link

For some reason, several people reached my site today by googling the name of a certain German politician and secretary in Angela Merkel’s cabinet in connection with “imcompetence”. Now I don’t recall ever having called said politician imcompetent in these … Continue reading

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Rembrandt, Elsje Christiaens and a stats oddity

Does anybody have any idea why 150 people, most of them in Norway and Denmark, felt the need to search for “Elsje Christiaens”, an 18-year-old Danish girl who was executed in Amsterdam in 1664 for beating her landlady to death … Continue reading

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Strange search terms, gut-wrenching grit, writing about religion and SF art

My favourite search term of the day is: “cora has sex with fan”. Nope, sorry, fans (all five of you that I have). I appreciate you, but I won’t have sex with you. Sorry. Frankly, I suspect that most of … Continue reading

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More August Search Term Weirdness

August seems to be the month for weird searches, because I got some more really strange search strings in the past few days. For example, someone apparently typed “wanking outdoors to passers by” into a search engine and landed at … Continue reading

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Searchterm Weirdness August Edition

Looking through the terms people typed into their favourite search engine to get here is always a fascinating glimpse into other people’s brains. For example, I always had the sneaking suspicion that many people subscribe to HBO not so much … Continue reading

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Cora hits a bestseller list, gets a one-star review and rubs shoulders with Booker Prize nominees

I did a bit of housekeeping around this site and the Pegasus Pulp site. In particular, I added links to my e-books from the bibliography page, since I noticed that a lot of new visitors head for the bibliography rather … Continue reading

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I accidentally corner the market for Strunk/White fanfiction

I just went online and – as always – checked my sites for stats and new comments (replies coming tonight) and found that my stats had literally exploded over night. This site has already twice as many views at midday … Continue reading

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Four things I did today, two random cool links and some searchterm weirdness

Four things I did today: Searched for flights to a town in western Greenland I had never heard of before today. And while the various Internet flight portals are useful for finding cheap flights to various Mediterranean holiday destinations or … Continue reading

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How to kill a fictional character without losing your audience

I’d been noticing an uptick of hits on my Game of Thrones related posts in the past few days. And a lot of people googled for things like “is game of thrones depressing” (yes) and “does game of thrones have … Continue reading

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