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Toadstools in the meadow

I caught a nasty cold just in time for Halloween, hence the light blogging in recent days. I even had to ask my parents to hand out candy to any trick or treaters who might show up, because opening the … Continue reading

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I should probably apologise for the lack of blogging, but I’ve been sick with some kind of stomach bug these past few days. I probably caught it either via dodgy oysters or dodgy tomato truffle pesto, since those were the … Continue reading

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February Flurry Linkdump

Yes, it’s another linkdump today, because I’m not feeling all that great. I’ve got a nasty cluster of three aphthous ulcers on the inside of my upper lip. I have been struggling with aphthous ulcers since my teens and though … Continue reading

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An Attack of Hives and Reflections on Global and Local Writing

Sorry for the lack of posting in the past few days, but I’ve been sick. On Thursday afternoon, I was itching at several parts of my body and that small hives had formed in the itchy spots. At first I … Continue reading

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Berlin film festival winners and a few words on the latest political scandal

I’m still suffering from that nasty aphthous ulcer on the side of my tongue, which is showing no sign of receding. This is very frustrating, particularly since I can barely eat anything. One drug that allegedly helps against aphthous ulcers … Continue reading

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A nasty aphthous ulcer and a neat link

I’m feeling out of sorts, because I’ve got a headache and a really nasty aphthous ulcer on the side of my tongue. I get aphthous ulcers from time to time and usually I can manage them pretty well. This one, … Continue reading

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No blog tonight, dear – I’ve got a headache

Yes, I’ve really got a headache, thanks to the continuing high air pressure, which does not agree with me at all. And the very noisy and very energetic fifth-graders I had to teach yesterday afternoon didn’t help either. One of … Continue reading

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Frost, Ice and Snow

Over the past week or so, much of Europe has been experiencing extreme frost. Yesterday night, the temperature dropped to minus 13 degrees Celsius, at the moment it’s minus eleven degrees. And I’m in North-Western Germany which rarely gets extreme … Continue reading

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No photos today

There’s still no photos today, because I seem to have caught some kind of bronchial infection from all of the coughing and sneezing people on the airplane and I’m not feeling too hot right now. And I really can’t afford … Continue reading

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I accidentally discover the cure for aphthous ulcers – and another e-book post

I have accidentally found out that Sichuan pepper, which has some mouth numbing qualities, is a lot more effective in getting rid of the pain associated with aphthous ulcers than the special tincture I normally use. This is worth remembering, … Continue reading

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