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Publish or Perish – New Academic Paper Online

If you want to check out my academic work, my first paper has been published: “Science Fiction und die Zukunft der Englischen Sprache: Neologismen, Vereinfachungen, Kreolisierungen oder lieber gleich Klingonisch?”, an academic paper on language and science fiction I presented … Continue reading

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Linkdump for a Crappy Weekend

Since this weekend has turned out to be so bad, here are some links, mostly writing and language related, to take your mind of the bad stuff for a while: Here is a very informative site, created by a professor … Continue reading

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Can we please go back in time and skip this weekend?

This is turning out to be a really shitty weekend. First of all, there were some very bad health news for a dear relative. Then there was the Japan earthquake and tsunami with an as of yet undetermined number of … Continue reading

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Some more on the whole e-book thing

Regarding Sunday’s e-book post, now that I’ve mentioned the possibility of putting out some of my stuff in e-book form, I might as well say some more: So first of all, what would you put out? Like I mentioned in … Continue reading

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Bodily Functions in Fiction and Reality

Either I have caught some kind of stomach bug or I simply ate something that disagreed with me. I sincerely hope the culprit wasn’t this recipe from the New York Times site that I tried out on Wednesday, because I … Continue reading

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Midweek Writing Links

I’m working on a longer post, but meanwhile there has been a lot of interesting writing discussion going on the internet. So here are some writing links. Send to Kindle

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New Ways of Mispronouncing “Duke”

For some reason, Germans have incredible problems pronouncing the word “Duke”, probably because the [dju] combination does not normally occur in German. To date, my favourite mispronunciation happens in the German crime thriller Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse (Dr. Mabuse … Continue reading

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Photo Post

And now for some photos: Spring is coming, as evidenced by the crocus blossoms blooming in my garden. Send to Kindle

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100 Years of International Women’s Day

One hundred years ago today, German Socialist Clara Zetkin introduced International Women’s Day to be celebrated on March 8th. So let’s celebrate awesome women everywhere. Why not start by reading some Clara Zetkin? Some of her writing are available online … Continue reading

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The debate that would not die

I’m still terribly tired. It’s probably spring coming, either that or I’ve caught some kind of bug and my body is fighting it off. Meanwhile, the “nihilism in epic fantasy” debate just refuses to die. Which is actually a good … Continue reading

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