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A Trio of Links and News

Here’s a brief link post, since I have a couple of things to announce: For starters, my latest article is now live on Galactic Journey. This one is about a forgotten tragedy from fifty-five years ago, a devastating fire at … Continue reading

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Sirens in the Night

Yesterday at shortly after midnight, I was sitting at my PC trying to write, when suddenly the fire sirens went off. Since I live in a semi-rural suburb, we still have a volunteer fire brigade that is assembled via sirens … Continue reading

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Arson, attempted murder and the destruction of a 150 year old department store

Yesterday evening, I was at the monthly translators’ meet-up at a restaurant in Bremen city centre. At around a quarter to ten, I was driving home along an elevated road through the city centre and noticed a dark cloud drifting … Continue reading

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Photos: Charles Rennie Mackintosh Architecture

I promised you photos, so here you have photos. Alas, these photos aren’t new, but were drawn from my personal archives due to current events. You may have heard that the Glasgow School of Art, a stunning Art Noveau building … Continue reading

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Storm Xaver Update

We’re still getting wind surges, but in general it is getting more quiet outside. But then, the biggest danger of the massive winter storm Xaver is not the wind (though that’s bad enough) but the flood waters the storm is … Continue reading

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PowerPoint Presentation about the 2013 Danube Flood

For one of my customers, I created a PowerPoint presentation about clean-up efforts after the recent Danube flood in Bavaria and uploaded it to Slideshare. The focus of the presentation is on the German federal disaster relief organisation THW using … Continue reading

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Can we please go back in time and skip this weekend?

This is turning out to be a really shitty weekend. First of all, there were some very bad health news for a dear relative. Then there was the Japan earthquake and tsunami with an as of yet undetermined number of … Continue reading

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