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1965 Wedding Photos

My parents are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary this year and I was drafted to design the invitations. And just in case you’re wondering, no, I’m not that old. My parents had already been married for several years when they … Continue reading

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October Linkdump

At Tor.com, Liz Bourke has a great rebuttal directed towards certain authors of historical fiction and historically flavoured fantasy, who excuse their lack of significant female and GLBT characters as well as characters of colour with “Well, that’s the way … Continue reading

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Cora goes to Osnabrück and discovers a new genre name

I’ve been absent for three days now, because it’s been a busy week. Besides, I took the day off on Wednesday to take the train to Osnabrück, a city approximately 120 kilometers to the southwest of Bremen. I really like … Continue reading

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Two writing links, two Fifty Shades articles, two awards, two celebrity deaths and the impending death of genre

The King of Elfland’s Second Cousin weighs in on the current debate on the impending death of genre due to the rise of e-books that was kicked off by Charles Stross. I think anybody who believes that e-books will destroy … Continue reading

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Grunge – Dead and Undead

Today at school, the term “Grunge” came up in a text my 9th graders were reading. The girl who was reading at the time stumbled over the word and mispronounced it, which isn’t exactly uncommon. I had another student from … Continue reading

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Christmas Decorations

For some seasonal cheer, here are some photos of my Christmas decorations, starring Else, a department store mannequin I bought at a going-out-of-business a few years ago. Since then she’s looking out of my front windows and scaring off burglars. … Continue reading

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A sudden temperature drop and a linkdump

Once again, our North German weather seems to have skipped an entire season and plunged us from summer right into winter. Last weekend, we had warm and sunny temperatures of 26°C. This weekend, we have rain and daytime temperatures hovering … Continue reading

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Dog Day Disasters – and a Linkdump

We’re in the middle of the so-called dog days, i.e. the hottest and most unpleasant days of summer, ruled by Sirius, the dog star. Of course, this year it’s not hot at all, at least in Germany. Today, the highest … Continue reading

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They all go to Walle

Since my Mom is on her own this weekend, I picked her up this morning and we drove out to Walle, a neighbourhood in West Bremen. First we visited Walle cemetery where my grandma (and grandfather and great-grandparents, but I … Continue reading

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Opting Out of the Beauty Myth

At the Independent, Charlotte Raven wonders whether the choices available to western (in this case British) women have gotten narrower in spite of feminism. The following quote struck me in particular: The pervasive fashion for porn-star depilation (and vaginal cosmetic … Continue reading

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