A Trio of Links and News

Here’s a brief link post, since I have a couple of things to announce:

For starters, my latest article is now live on Galactic Journey. This one is about a forgotten tragedy from fifty-five years ago, a devastating fire at the À l’Innovation department store in Brussels on May 22, 1967, which not only gutted a historic Art Noveau building, but also killed more than three hundred people (the exact number of dead is still disputed). I’m very proud of this article and it’s probably the most detailed account of this forgotten tragedy available in English.

Content warning: There are no photos of bodies, but if you have issues with fire, proceed with caution.

In other news, voting is now open for the 2022 Hugo Awards and the full Hugo voter packet is available to all members of Chicon 8, the 2022 Worldcon. You can also still download my portion of the Hugo Voter Packet for free at StoryOrigins – no Worldcon membership required. Though you will need a membership in order to vote.

Finally, in exactly one month, on June 28, 2022, you can hear and see me as well as Todd Sullivan and Jana Bianchi read at the Online Flash Science Fiction Night event organised by my good friends of Space Cowboy Books, an SFF specialty bookshop in Joshua Tree, California.

Flash Science Fiction Night flyer

The reading is 100% free, so what are you waiting for? Register and join us for a night of short science fiction.

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