Publish or Perish – New Academic Paper Online

If you want to check out my academic work, my first paper has been published:

“Science Fiction und die Zukunft der Englischen Sprache: Neologismen, Vereinfachungen, Kreolisierungen oder lieber gleich Klingonisch?”, an academic paper on language and science fiction I presented at the 10. Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium at the University of Greifswald is now online at the electronic collections archive of the University of Bielefeld.

Since it was a regional conference, the paper is in German. Two more academic papers will be appearing in the next few months.

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3 Responses to Publish or Perish – New Academic Paper Online

  1. Sherwood says:

    This looks most promising–though from the abstract it seems mostly to deal with sf, and not fantasy, where I see the most linguistic invention done, at least in the past 25 years.

  2. Cora says:

    The paper started life as a chapter from my MA thesis which I reworked and expanded upon receiving the invitation to the conference (once I had gotten over the initial “They invited me?! But I’m just a substitute lecturer” freak out, that is). My MA thesis was on SF and so the paper focused mainly on linguistics and SF as well. Though there is a bit about fantasy (mainly Tolkien) in there.

  3. Estara says:


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