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Cora’s Adventures at Metropol Con in Berlin, Part 1: Pre-Con Wanderings

As you probably know, I was at Metropol Con, a new SFF convention in Berlin, last week. And I had a great time overall and met lots of old and new friends, though there were a few hiccups along the … Continue reading

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Christmas 2018

Yes, I know that this Christmas post is a little late, but I had to get an article for Galactic Journey done first (which you should be able to read on Monday). So here is, a little belated, the obligatory … Continue reading

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Photos: Summery Views of Vechta

As longtime readers may remember, I taught at the University of Vechta for a while. And yesterday, I had the opportunity to teach in Vechta again, though not at the university this time, but at the St. Antoniushaus, a conference … Continue reading

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Speculative fiction by women – and what exactly are the neighbours hiding in their garden anyway?

Even though I didn’t have school today – Pentecost holidays, hurray – I’m awfully tired. First of all, my sleep this morning was cut short by an infernal noise that turned out to be my stupid neighbours from across the … Continue reading

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Epic and Urban Fantasy Linkdump

Lots of people are thinking about epic fantasy, urban fantasy, gender and what makes a genre at the moment. And since I’m too tired to write something myself, here is a linkdump:

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Fictional Riches

Who would have thought that Forbes Magazine, that indispensable prop carried around by business students hoping to impress girls (I was that girl and distinctly unimpressed), had a sense of humour? But they obviously do, since they published this list … Continue reading

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Speculative fiction, gender, taste and why “the domestic and mushy stuff” is important

The debate over gender imbalances in speculative fiction reviewing rages on across the internet with several interesting posts. There are some links as well as lengthy ruminations by me behind the cut.

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Book fair interviews, sex scenes, tragic endings, Tarzan and cultural omnivores – yes, it’s another linkdump

Today is another linkdump day, sorry. It was either that or a rant about the blind techno-optimism of certain SF writers regarding nuclear power, which I would probably delete thirty seconds after posting once I realized that calling some author … Continue reading

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Awards, Writing and E-Books

I’m tired and busy, so here is a linkdump, mostly writing and e-book related: The Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair, one of Germany’s three most important literary awards, has been won by the 28-year-old Austrian writer Clemens J. Setz … Continue reading

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Midweek Writing Links

I’m working on a longer post, but meanwhile there has been a lot of interesting writing discussion going on the internet. So here are some writing links.

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