Photo Post

And now for some photos:

Spring is coming, as evidenced by the crocus blossoms blooming in my garden.

Crocus Blossoms

And here are some more crocus blossoms.

More crocus blossoms

Finally, March 8th is not just International Women’s Day, but also the birthday of a very dear old friend of mine. Here he is:


His name is Zebra (English pronunciation). Not very creative, I know, but at the age of five calling a zebra “Zebra” in English seemed like a pretty cool name. He has been my favourite toy ever since I got him.

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4 Responses to Photo Post

  1. Estara says:

    The croci are out here, too, though not in my garden it seems – I guess the caretaker killed them off last year when they mowed the lawn much too early.

    I used to have a fat pillow in the shape of a sea turtle. That was Bimba who accompanied me everywhere as my major sleeping pillow, until I had rubbed her through with my head. Favourite stuffed toys are treasures – there is still a Steiff teddy I got from a couple of friends for my 18th birthday. The rest of my toys have now gone to my niece when she visits my parents, which is as it should be.

    • Cora says:

      I still have most of my toys, though most are in my parents’ attic, since we do not have young children in the immediate family. Though my plastic toy dinosaurs went to my cousin’s son, when he went through his dinosaur phase.

      • Estara says:

        Yes, they used to be in the attic except for one or two, but mum has taken them all down now into my niece’s room – which used to be mine ^^. Fortunately she converted my brother’s room to a guest room quite a few years ago, so I have a place to sleep when I visit. Or I could always go into the basement, we have a guest room there too – with spiders, usually *gags*.

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