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While I was away – Link Roud-Up

Since the Internet didn’t stop, while I couldn’t access my site, here is a link round-up: Steampunk as viewed from a romance perspective at All About Romance. Star Wars tie-in novels viewed from a romance perspective at Smart Bitches, Trashy … Continue reading

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Michael Moorcock Time Two

WordPress won’t let me access most of my administration page, so here’s just a quick post and two links: The Guardian has a long interview of writer Hari Kunzru with Michael Moorcock. And for more Moorcock, here is the man … Continue reading

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A Cold Day on the Town

Since yesterday was the peculiar holiday known as report card holiday, i.e. two days of no school after the half term report cards have been given out, I decided to take the opportunity to go into Bremen. Actually I wanted … Continue reading

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Contemporaries that aren’t very contemporary

I’m having a nasty, weather induced headache, not to mention that I’m pretty pissed off at having to drive eighteen kilometers (one way) this afternoon to a meeting that didn’t take place. So here is Laura Miller about how many … Continue reading

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Birthday Bestsellers

This is cool: The New York Times bestseller list, fiction and non-fiction for my birthday week. On the fiction list, there are only entries where I’ve never heard of either book or writer, Semi-Tough by Dan Jenkins at No. 7 … Continue reading

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Vampires and Supervillains

Here are two posts on vampires from Theodora Goss and Nathan Ballingrud. What unites both of them as well as many others in the speculative fiction community is that they see the romanticization of the vampire in decent years as … Continue reading

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Brenda Starr, Stieg Larsson and some Housekeeping

Today, I took down the Christmas tree and the rest of the holiday decorations. Epiphany Day, i.e. January 6th, is the traditional deadline for getting rid of holiday decorations in my area (though in some regions, e.g. in part of … Continue reading

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Recently Read Books

I’m really behind on discussing “recently read books”, since I already finished one and a half books since this one. Still, here it is: Steamed by Katie MacAlister This is exactly the sort of book that the recent Steampunk backlash … Continue reading

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A Speculative Linkdump

I’m pretty busy at the moment with a big translation job, so here’s yet another bunch of links, this time vaguely speculative fiction themed. Sheila Finch has a great post on fairytales, sexual taboos and animal shifters at the SFWA … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

December 24th, i.e. Christmas Eve, is over now. Here in Germany, Christmas Eve is the main event, while Christmas Day and Boxing Day are the time for family visits, eating too much food and hangovers. The snow fall has stopped … Continue reading

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