While I was away – Link Roud-Up

Since the Internet didn’t stop, while I couldn’t access my site, here is a link round-up:

Steampunk as viewed from a romance perspective at All About Romance.

Star Wars tie-in novels viewed from a romance perspective at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

The second part of Marissa Day’s series on how to write sex scenes at the Book View Café.

The next installment in Lilith Saintcrow’s series on how to write fight scenes.

Here is a long interview with China Mieville at the International Socialist Review.

At the New York Review of Books, Daniel Mendelsohn explains why he doesn’t like Mad Men. His issues with the show mirror my own, particularly the bit about the captions. Because at times, the “Look at those people. Aren’t they backwards and primitive and aren’t we much more enlightened” message in Mad Men is so heavy-handed that you expect a flashing caption to pop up on screen.

At the London Review of Books, Peter Pomerantsev explains why Russians don’t like reality TV. In short, they aren’t fooled by it and don’t see the points. Which officially makes Russians smarter than most Western TV viewers. Yes, I hate reality TV.

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