Link Round-up for a Cold and Grey Sunday

The snow is gone by now, but it was cold and grey all day long and turned foggy by night. I even started up the fireplace, which I don’t do all that often.

And now for some links, mainly writing related:

Here is a great article on books, the digital revolution and technological change from Slate. Found via Estara.

Lilith Saintcrow continues her great series on writing fight scenes.

Marissa Day continues her series on writing sex scenes at the Book View Cafe.

Martin Amis proves that he is still a jerk and insults writers of children’s and YA fiction while he’s at it.

Mark Chadbourn discusses the ethics of using actual historical figures as characters in historical fiction at the Pyr Books blog.

I’ve struggled with this myself when writing historicals (whether historical fantasy or straight historical fiction), because to me it seems unethical to misrepresent a person who really lived and who might have living descendants. My solution to the dilemma was to research the person in question thoroughly, so I would be able to say, “Yes, based on the evidence I have, I think this is a reasonably accurate portrayal of this person.”

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