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Some Comments on the 2017 Dragon Awards Winners

The Dragon Awards, a new “popular” SFF award handed out at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia, have been plagued by controversy in their first two years. I blogged about some of it, though the vast majority of this year’s uproar … Continue reading

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A killer is captured, politicians plagiarise and the soap opera is dying

I have got a couple of mixed news links for today, two serious and one not so much. The good news first: The paedophile serial killer who killed at least three young boys in North Germany in the past twenty … Continue reading

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Epic and Urban Fantasy Linkdump

Lots of people are thinking about epic fantasy, urban fantasy, gender and what makes a genre at the moment. And since I’m too tired to write something myself, here is a linkdump:

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Fictional Riches

Who would have thought that Forbes Magazine, that indispensable prop carried around by business students hoping to impress girls (I was that girl and distinctly unimpressed), had a sense of humour? But they obviously do, since they published this list … Continue reading

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Good Sex, Bad Sex and HBO Style Sex

While following a link to something else, I came across this neat blogpost from July 2010: Nicola Griffith wonders why good sex in fiction is often considered unrealistic.

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Twin Peaks, Rita nominations, lots of e-book links and democracy at work?

I’m busy today, so here’s a linkdump. Lots of e-book and indie publishing links as well as some other stuff: Everybody is talking about Barry Eisler and Amanda Hocking,now they talk to each other. Damien Walter briefly touches upon indie … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Mad Men

There have been at least two article of late where a writer explains why he doesn’t like the 1960s advertising industry drama Mad Men. Here’s

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Pondering the new TV

I’ve been gradually organizing the channels on my new TV, so that TV channels I actually watch are at the front of the channel list, the German language channels I don’t watch except under certain circumstances come next, then the … Continue reading

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While I was away – Link Roud-Up

Since the Internet didn’t stop, while I couldn’t access my site, here is a link round-up: Steampunk as viewed from a romance perspective at All About Romance. Star Wars tie-in novels viewed from a romance perspective at Smart Bitches, Trashy … Continue reading

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A Hustle moment and some links

At school today, I was practicing asking for and giving directions with the kids. First we used a practice map of a made-up town stuffed full with all sorts of interesting places to go and then the London tube map. … Continue reading

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