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Let us welcome our Robot Overlords

On a day like today, you need something to take your mind of all the bad things in the world. And no, I have zero interest in Star Trek Discovery right now, even if initial reviews are good. One of … Continue reading

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UFOs over Bremen and cocaine at the supermarket: This day in WTF? news

The first full January week of 2014 seems to be shaping up into a period for WTF? news items. For starters, Bremen experienced an UFO incident on Monday evening, when a flying mystery object was spotted by the air traffic … Continue reading

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New holiday romance available in time for Black Friday: Christmas Gifts

I already said that there would be more new release announcements in the near future and now I’m making true on that promise and give you yet another new story. It’s a short and sweet holiday romance called Christmas Gifts … Continue reading

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Photos: Bremerhaven, Part 1: City Views

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now, but somehow I never got around to it. Alas, better late than never. In the first week of the summer holidays, I took a day trip to Bremerhaven with my … Continue reading

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Cora goes to Osnabrück and discovers a new genre name

I’ve been absent for three days now, because it’s been a busy week. Besides, I took the day off on Wednesday to take the train to Osnabrück, a city approximately 120 kilometers to the southwest of Bremen. I really like … Continue reading

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Cora goes to the mall – and testdrives an iPad

I hadn’t actually planned to go anywhere today, but a friend called me this afternoon. He was feeling restless and wanted to go to the cinema, so we headed for the Waterfront mall which currently houses Bremen’s nicest multiplex cinema. … Continue reading

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Book Haul, Romanheft Woes and the Demise of the Cheque

Today, I was at the bank to pay a cheque into my account and had an “Okay, now how does this work again” moment, because I haven’t actually handled a cheque in ages. For something that used to be nigh … Continue reading

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A Cold Day on the Town

Since yesterday was the peculiar holiday known as report card holiday, i.e. two days of no school after the half term report cards have been given out, I decided to take the opportunity to go into Bremen. Actually I wanted … Continue reading

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Solstice, Snow and Faintly Disturbing Antiques

Last night might have been the coldest of the year – in fact it got even colder after I posted, the temperature dropping to minus 16 degrees Celsius – but this is the longest night of the year, i.e. winter … Continue reading

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Frosty Days, Icy Nights

This is the coldest night of the year, the coldest night in many years in fact. According to the weather forecast plug-in in my Firefox browser and the indoor/outdoor thermometer, we minus 13 degrees Celsius outside. Here in North Germany, … Continue reading

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