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Bilingual Children and the Challenges for Non-Western Readers and Writers

I’m still busy with a bigger translation job, plus I have to go to a family function on Saturday which will inevitably wear me out, even though I’d rather be anywhere else. On the plus side, just one more day … Continue reading

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Awards Mudwrestling

There have been plenty of tributes to Steve Jobs today, but I particularly like this article by Juan Cole about the multicultural background of Steve Jobs. Lots of stuff I didn’t know, but then I never extensively followed his life. … Continue reading

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Non-Postapocalyptic Links

Since the Apocalypse was canceled, here are two links to keep you occupied: Dean Wesley Smith slays another sacred cow of publishing, namely the myth about killing one’s career. There’s a profile of one of my translation clients in the … Continue reading

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My Mom discovers self-publishing and e-books

Today, my Mom called me and asked me if I’d heard of this Amanda Hocking person (she actually got the name wrong, but I knew whom she meant) who is selling a million ebooks and making seventy percent on every … Continue reading

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