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Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Shreck and The Persuaders and adapting globalized pop culture to local tastes

The Jewish interest webzine The algemeiner (The spelling is theirs) has an interesting article about the Israeli obsession with Tarzan (found via Charles Tan). Apparently, the Tarzan obsession in Israel was so great once upon a time that plenty of … Continue reading

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End of the Year Linkdump

I just got a nice surprise, when I noticed that Rites of Passage had gotten a five star review at Amazon.com. I checked the listing for a totally unrelated reason and saw it was there. And when you google “Buhlert”, … Continue reading

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The Plight of the Playboy Hero

I’m still at my parents’. This afternoon, we went to visit my aunt at the care home where she lives. She had lots of other visitors during the holidays, so we figured we’d visit her sometime between Christmas and New … Continue reading

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