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More Reactions to the 2020 Hugo Ceremony and a bit about the Retro Hugos

I’d hoped to get my comments on the generally excellent winners of the 2020 Hugo Awards up today (ETA: It’s here). However, this was not to be, for two days later we’re still talking about the neverending Hugo ceremony from … Continue reading

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Cora is elsewhere yet again and recommends some books

As the title indicates, today I’m elsewhere on the internet again, namely at File 770, where I’m one of eighteen reviewers and fans from different European countries recommending their favourite recent-ish SFF books from their respective countries. The project was … Continue reading

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The 2016 Hugo Awards or Fandom 2 : Puppies 0

I did the Retro Hugos (and the Dragon Award nominees) yesterday, so here’s the main event, the 2016 Hugo Awards. My comments on the shortlist BTW are here. The full list of winners is here, a detailed breakdown of the … Continue reading

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German perspectives on SFF, a Hugo Survey and the best “Age of Ultron” review you’ll read today

The 2015 Hugo Awards debate is still dragging on and to those of us outside the US, it is very clear that the Hugos and Worldcon have been dragged into the increasingly toxic US culture war between the beleaguered nutty … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the 2013 Nebula Nominees

The nominees for the 2013 Nebula Awards have been announced. Once again, it looks like a good and pleasantly diverse shortlist with lots of women and writers of colour included. But then, the Nebulas have generally been better with regards … Continue reading

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Yet more Worldcon and Hugo Reactions

The discussion about Paul Cook’s attempts to define SF for the rest of us seems to have died down, but it seems we’re still talking about Worldcon and the Hugos and if/how they should change. My last round-up of Hugo … Continue reading

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Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Shreck and The Persuaders and adapting globalized pop culture to local tastes

The Jewish interest webzine The algemeiner (The spelling is theirs) has an interesting article about the Israeli obsession with Tarzan (found via Charles Tan). Apparently, the Tarzan obsession in Israel was so great once upon a time that plenty of … Continue reading

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