Cora’s Hugo Voter Packet – and Other Miscellaneous Hugo Stuff

Hugo Voter Packet 2020The Hugo Voter Packet is slow to arrive this year, so several finalists in the fan categories have put their Hugo Voter Packets online for everybody to download and peruse. You can find the Hugo Voter Packets of fellow Best Fan Writer finalist Paul Weimer as well as Best Fanzine finalists nerds of a feather, flock together and Quick Sip Reviews here. At File 770, JJ has also compiled a list of where to find the 2020 Hugo finalists (legally) online for free.

And since all the cool kids are doing it, I have decided to put my Hugo Voter Packet online as well. You can download it in your preferred formet below. And in case the cover looks familiar, it’s the same striking artwork by the talented Thai artist Tithi Luadthong that also graces the cover of my novella Evacuation Order, which you can currently get for free as part of Smashwords’ “Authors Give Back” sale.

Because WordPress won’t let me upload mobi and epub files, I had to use StoryOrigin to host the files. However, you don’t have to sign up for my mailing list (which is the original purpose of StoryOrigin), you can download the files directly.

Download Cora’s Hugo Voter Packet here!

If you want to vote for the 2020 Hugos and 1945 Retro Hugos, you have to be a supporting or online attending member of CoNZealand, the 2020 Worldcon in Wellington, New Zealand, which has since gone virtual.

For more Hugo related stuff, next Saturday at 1 PM PDT a.k.a. 10 PM CEST I will be a guest at the Journey Show and talk about the Hugo finalists with fellow Best Fan Writer finalist James David Nicoll and Gideon Marcus, Rosemary Benton and Jason Sacks of the Best Fanzine finalist Galactic Journey. However, since Galactic Journey exists fifty-five years in the past, we will be discussing the Hugo finalists of 1965.

So why don’t you sign up and join us at The Journey Show? It’s a lot of fun and most importantly, it’s free.

I also forgot to mention my latest article at Galactic Journey, which came out May 4. This one is about the latest trends in modern art, the latest trends in 1965, that is.

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