Reminder: Hugo and Retro Hugo Voting Closes on July 22, 2020

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Voting for the Hugos and the Retro Hugos opened in mid July. Because of the delays, the voting deadline has been extended until Wednesday, July 22, 23:59 Pacific Daylight Time/Thursday, 23 July, 18:59 New Zealand time. If you’re an attending or supporting member of CoNZealand, you can log into the members’ area to vote online. The Hugo Voter Packet can also be downloaded there.

Blogging is light this month, because I’m still doing the July Short Story Challenge, where the aim is to write a story per day during the month of July. I have written seventeen stories so far and you can follow along with my progress here.

So this post is just a short PSA that if you’re a CoNZealand member, please vote and make your voice heard. You don’t have to vote in every category – it’s perfectly all right to leave categories blank.

Also please don’t ignore the fan categories (Fanzine, Fan Writer, Fancast, Fan Artist), because the fan categories are full of great finalists who do amazing work for little to no money, all for the love of the genre. And no, I’m not just saying this, because I’m one of them, though I’d of course be thrilled if you were to vote for me. You can also still download my Hugo Voter Packet here, if you want to see what I wrote in 2019.

Camestros Felapton has been doing spotlights of all six Best Fan Writer finalists. Mine is here, but check out all of them, cause we have an amazing line-up of Fan Writer finalists this year.

My fellow Best Fan Writer finalist Alasdair Stuart has also sent out a special edition of his weekly newsletter The Full Lid (which you should absolutely check out), highlighting all of the 2020 Best Fan Writer finalists.

Constanze Hofmann offers an overview over the 2020 Fan Artist finalists and their amazing work here. At the Best Fanzine finalist nerds of a feather, Andrea Johnson is also interviewing this year’s Best Fan Artist finalists and offering samples of their work.

Finally, please don’t ignore the Retro Hugos either. I’ve repeatedly aired my frustrations that the Retro Hugos so often seem to go to the most famous name rather than the best work. That’s why I started the crowdsourced 1945 Retro Hugo Recommendation Spreadsheet as well as Retro Science Fiction Reviews, where I reviewed many eligible stories and most of the finalists in the fiction categories (still missing two (bad) novellas and a novel) to allow Retro Hugo nominators and voters to make more informed choices.

I’ll also post my panel schedule for the now virtual CoNZealand in the next few days, so you know where to find me. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there.

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