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More on ABC Buhlert

I did some more work on the ABC Buhlert website. I have everything I wanted on that site online now, only the alternative energy image gallery is missing, largely because I still have to locate or take the respective photos. … Continue reading

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The Buhlert Web Empire

I’ve spent the past two and a half hours bringing the old ABC Buhlert website back online. I originally registered as a joint business website for my Dad’s consulting business and my own translation business. However, the site was … Continue reading

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Of Plagiarism and Dead Polar Bears

Sad: Knut, the world famous polar bear from the Berlin Zoo, died yesterday, aged only four which even by polar bear standards is no age to die at all. It seems as if Knut lived his short life under an … Continue reading

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Faintly Disturbing Search Terms

Today, someone found my blog after entering “sex with my mom self” into Google. I don’t think I want to know what that person was looking for, but I’m pretty sure my site doesn’t have it. I also get regular … Continue reading

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Fantasy, Escapism and Truth

It seems that after the nihilism in fantasy debate, we are now having the truth in fantasy debate, for Mark Charan Newton offers this post on fantasy, escapism and truth in response to the Guardian article by Damien G. Walter. … Continue reading

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Awards, Writing and E-Books

I’m tired and busy, so here is a linkdump, mostly writing and e-book related: The Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair, one of Germany’s three most important literary awards, has been won by the 28-year-old Austrian writer Clemens J. Setz … Continue reading

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A quick e-book post

Regarding this whole e-book thing, I have pretty much decided on the first piece I will put up and what I want on the cover, so now it was only a matter of finding the right image and the right … Continue reading

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The Sword of Damocles is hanging over our heads

These past few days, I’ve spent much classroom time explaining to terrified seventh and eighth-graders that yes, what is happening in Japan is horrible and no, there is no direct danger to us at the moment. At least half of … Continue reading

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Let us now kick someone else’s genre

Yes, it’s definitely that time of year again, at least in the UK. Yesterday, we had Stephen Hunt complaining about anti-speculative fiction bias on The Culture Show and today we have M. John Harrison complaining about an admittedly stupid Guardian … Continue reading

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Deadly car crashes, the neverending death match of genre versus literary fiction, some e-books and some sex

It’s that time of the year (or month?) again. The great literary vs. genre fiction death match enters round 316. This time around the initiating event was a BBC program entitled The books we really read, broadcast in honour of … Continue reading

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