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The Obligatory 2019 Birthday Post

April 18 was my birthday, so this year’s birthday post is two days late, because the weekly link round-ups for the Speculative Fiction Showcase and the Indie Crime Scene as well as the review of the Star Trek Discovery season … Continue reading

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Built on Sand – and stuck in it

Next to my house, a double garage with a solar cell covered roof is being built. The actual construction will start on Monday, but laying the foundation started yesterday. Here is a photo, taken from my kitchen window: The workers … Continue reading

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New Year’s Night 2012/2013

The new year started here in Western and central Europe a couple of hours ago. I no longer do the party thing or the standing around on the market square watching fireworks thing (been there, done that), so I celebrated … Continue reading

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On the Road with an Oversize Load Truck

Yesterday evening I had something of an unusual adventure, because I found myself travelling with an oversize cargo truck. The background is that over the past few weeks my Dad was very busy overseeing the building of a heavy cargo … Continue reading

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Deadly car crashes, the neverending death match of genre versus literary fiction, some e-books and some sex

It’s that time of the year (or month?) again. The great literary vs. genre fiction death match enters round 316. This time around the initiating event was a BBC program entitled The books we really read, broadcast in honour of … Continue reading

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