A handy guide to all SFF-related posts and works of 2020

I never felt particularly comfortable with eligibility posts, but I posted such an overview for the first time in 2016, when someone added my name to the Hugo Nominations Wiki. Eventually, it paid off, because I was a Hugo finalist for Best Fan Writer in 2020.

So if you’re interested in what I write, here is an overview of all SFF related blogposts of 2020, in chronological order, as well as a list of all the SFF and other fiction I published.

Because I wrote so many pieces for my Retro Reviews project this year, I separated the Retro Reviews from the other blogposts

At this blog:

The Complete Retro Reviews:

At Galactic Journey:


Fiction (SFF):

Fiction (other genres):

*published under the name Richard Blakemore

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