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Some Thoughts on the 2023 Nebula Award Winners – and Hamburg Traffic Hell

The winners of the 2023 Nebula Awards were announced this morning at 5 AM my time, which is why I did not follow them live. Normally, I would have already posted my Nebula winner commentary post by now. But I … Continue reading

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The Star Trek Discovery Season Finale or “Hey, we finally remembered we’re making Star Trek and not Game of Thrones in Space.”

Star Trek Discovery has finally reached the end of its highly uneven first season (for my episode by episode musing, go here). The season finale was not as bad as I feared – no one died, for starters, which is … Continue reading

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Sailor’s Curry – a curious Indian-German fusion dish

I don’t blog about food all that much, but today I want to share a personal favourite with you, namely the curious Indian-German fusion dish known as sailor’s curry or simply curry, if you’re from North Germany and grew up … Continue reading

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Three Anniversaries

Exactly fifty years ago today (okay, yesterday, since I didn’t get the post up before midnight), on September 8, 1961, Unternehmen Stardust, the first issue of the German science fiction “Romanheft” Perry Rhodan appeared, in which US-astronaut Perry Rhodan with … Continue reading

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Yet Another Header

I added another header image to the rotation. For those keeping count, there are now 13 different header images available. This latest header shows old man Bismarck in his natural habitat, that is the Bismarck monument in the Alter Elbpark … Continue reading

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