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Cora blogs somewhere else yet again

Still no post here, because I was busy with something else. However, I have got a round-up of links to news stories about nuclear and alternative energy (Yeah, I know. Exciting) at the ABC Buhlert blog. I know that I … Continue reading

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YA goes dark, Salman Rushdie goes TV, Haruki Murakami goes anti-nuclear, some thoughts on urban fantasy and a headline from a parallel universe

The long Pentecost/Whitsun weekend, though I still have one more day of school holidays. I also have links for you: Yesterday, an airship, more precisely the Goodyear blimp, caught fire and crashed in Hessen. This would seem like a news … Continue reading

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More plagiarism allegations and more epic fantasy debates – yes, it’s one of those days

Today was the last day of school, which means two weeks of Easter/spring holidays. In theory, the holidays only start on Friday, but my Wednesday class is currently doing work experience internships and Thursday is Future Day, which is the … Continue reading

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Darth Vader backs Nuclear Power

I just posted a nuclear power news roundup over at the ABC Buhlert blog. Among other things, I also posted a link to this news story about an anti-nuclear power protest march right here in Bremen with some 8000 protesters. … Continue reading

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Stuck in a parked car at midnight

I actually have a longer post partly drafted, but I don’t have the energy to finish and post it tonight. Because tonight the daylight saving time changeover night, hence the night is one hour shorter anyway. Which infuriates me, because … Continue reading

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Book fair interviews, sex scenes, tragic endings, Tarzan and cultural omnivores – yes, it’s another linkdump

Today is another linkdump day, sorry. It was either that or a rant about the blind techno-optimism of certain SF writers regarding nuclear power, which I would probably delete thirty seconds after posting once I realized that calling some author … Continue reading

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The Sword of Damocles is hanging over our heads

These past few days, I’ve spent much classroom time explaining to terrified seventh and eighth-graders that yes, what is happening in Japan is horrible and no, there is no direct danger to us at the moment. At least half of … Continue reading

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Can we please go back in time and skip this weekend?

This is turning out to be a really shitty weekend. First of all, there were some very bad health news for a dear relative. Then there was the Japan earthquake and tsunami with an as of yet undetermined number of … Continue reading

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