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Yet More Reactions to the 2017 Hugo Finalists

Thanks to Mike Glyer of File 770, the hits on my Hugo reaction post and the space opera post of the day before have gone through the roof. My first round-up of Hugo reactions from around the web got a … Continue reading

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Of Star Wars and Mary Sues

Last Thursday, the first teaser trailer dropped for Rogue One, this year’s Star Wars movie (apparently we’re getting one every year for Christmas now) and it looks pretty damn good, particularly considering very few people cared a whole lot about … Continue reading

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Remembering Guido Westerwelle

Yesterday, Guido Westerwelle, former head of the liberal party FDP and German foreign minister in the second Merkel cabinet from 2009 to 2013, died aged only 54. Westerwelle was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2014, but was until recently believed to … Continue reading

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Two Literary Deaths and Some Thoughts on the 2015 Nebula Nominees

It’s been a sad day for the literary world, because on Friday we lost both Harper Lee and Umberto Eco. Of the two, the death of Umberto Eco probably affects me more, because I vividly remember reading (and shuddering at) … Continue reading

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Diversity, Mirrors and Narcissism

The offensive and debate sparking post of the week comes once again courtesy of Amazing Stories, where Felicity Savage somehow manages to link the current fashion for so-called “selfies”, i.e. self-portraits usually taken with cellphone cameras, to the call for … Continue reading

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Lots of election analysis and some links

This weekend’s state elections in Berlin were interesting, to say the least. The full election results with wins and losses, vote distribution, etc… are here by the way. There’ll be some analysis and neepery about German politics behind the cut, … Continue reading

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Why young adult fiction needs more gay characters – and more diversity in general

Since Orson Scott Card has rewritten Hamlet with bonus homophobia, Ben Peek is now suggesting rewriting Ender’s Game with bonus homosexuality. In addition to making me smile, Ben Peek’s post also touches on the one thing that shocked me most … Continue reading

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Hot Topic Discussion Round-up

There’s definitely something in the air regarding discussions about diversity as well as non-US and non-Western POVs in the SFF genre, for here is a guest post by Elizabeth Bear at Charles Stross’ blog discussing how the singularity is a … Continue reading

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