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Talk like a pirate, vote like a pirate, read like a pirate

Arr, it be International Talk like a Pirate Day and at least in Germany, pirates have gone respectable and even entered the Berlin city parliament, as I blogged yesterday. As for our political pirates, Der Spiegel, National Public Radio and … Continue reading

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Lots of election analysis and some links

This weekend’s state elections in Berlin were interesting, to say the least. The full election results with wins and losses, vote distribution, etc… are here by the way. There’ll be some analysis and neepery about German politics behind the cut, … Continue reading

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Best Books by Women and Local Election Results

Charles Stross asks his readers which is the most important book of the twenty-first century so far and disqualifies all male authors. The responses are both interesting and sad. First of all, a lot of people seem to have misread … Continue reading

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Awards and Elections – and some Analysis

The ankle is still swollen but otherwise much better. At any rate, I can walk almost normally, though I’m still careful about stairs, particularly when carrying things up and down the stairs. Otherwise, this weekend was the weekend for awards, … Continue reading

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