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Notes on the Virtual Bloody Scotland Festival and the Differences Between SFF and Crime Fiction Cons

Bloody Scotland is a crime fiction festival that normally takes place in Stirling, Scotland. But like pretty much every other con or literary festival this year, Bloody Scotland has gone virtual for obvious reasons. Now Bloody Scotland is somewhat more … Continue reading

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More Reactions to the 2020 Hugo Ceremony and a bit about the Retro Hugos

I’d hoped to get my comments on the generally excellent winners of the 2020 Hugo Awards up today (ETA: It’s here). However, this was not to be, for two days later we’re still talking about the neverending Hugo ceremony from … Continue reading

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Cora is elsewhere yet again and recommends some books

As the title indicates, today I’m elsewhere on the internet again, namely at File 770, where I’m one of eighteen reviewers and fans from different European countries recommending their favourite recent-ish SFF books from their respective countries. The project was … Continue reading

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The Joy of Writing, How to Lose It and How to Get It Back

First of all, I’d like to share a couple of promotions, because who doesn’t love free or cheap books? The first of those promotion is the Mirth & Mischief sale at Double-Cross Lit, where you can get fifteen e-books, including … Continue reading

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Cultural Differences and Some Baseless Speculation about Star Trek Discovery

No, I still haven’t gotten around to watching Star Trek Discovery. And considering how much the trailers and reviews so far have repelled me, I’m not likely to bother with a show that will only make me angry. A pity … Continue reading

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Genre versus Literary – the Crime Fiction Edition

The old genre versus literary fiction debate has reared its ugly head again – and just when you thought that horse was well and truly dead. This time around, the opening volley was fired by one William O’Rourke, emeritus professor … Continue reading

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Of narrative catnip, cultural taste differences, telling my own stories and a new “In Love and War” novella: Dead World

As many of you probably know, I currently have two space opera series going on: The Shattered Empire series and the In Love and War series. Both are stories of rebellion and of fighting an unjust system, because such stories … Continue reading

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The Three Fractions of Speculative Fiction

A few days ago, Mike Glyer of File 770 linked to this post by Nathaniel Givens at a site called The Loose Canon about the Hugos and the Dragon Awards. It’s a curious post that attempts to offer a neutral … Continue reading

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Why we celebrate that so many women and writers of colour won Hugos this year

As extensively discussed in a series of four posts to date, the winners of the 2016 Hugo Awards have been announced, the rabid puppies have been resoundingly defeated and all four fiction categories went to women writers, three of them … Continue reading

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Yet more 2016 Hugo Award Reactions

Hugo post-mortem season is still going on, so here are the latest links and reactions: John Scalzi points out that despite Vox Day’s best efforts, the Hugos still haven’t been destroyed and goes on to call Vox Day “gum on … Continue reading

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