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Diversity, Mirrors and Narcissism

The offensive and debate sparking post of the week comes once again courtesy of Amazing Stories, where Felicity Savage somehow manages to link the current fashion for so-called “selfies”, i.e. self-portraits usually taken with cellphone cameras, to the call for … Continue reading

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In which Cora totally fails to grasp the appeal of “Girls”

So I tried watching the supposedly generation defining US sitcom Girls tonight, when it had its German TV premiere. And yes, I know you shouldn’t judge any foreign TV show, particularly not one that’s supposed to be a comedy, on … Continue reading

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Eurovision revisited and more feminism and music links

First of all, there is an addendum to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, for Thomas Schreiber, the guy in charge of entertainment at the public TV channel ARD and therefore ultimately responsible for the German entry to the Eurovision Song … Continue reading

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Controversy, Romance, Translation and Sex – It’s a Valentine’s Day Linkdump

Controversy (or not): The New York Times has an interview with Jodi Picoult, which apparently caused some stir in certain circles. Honestly, I went into the interview thinking I was about to read something incredibly controversial and offensive, but the … Continue reading

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How to suppress women’s writing – the latest go-around

It’s really that time of the year. Not only are we having our annual literary versus genre fiction debate and the annual “science fiction is dying” debate – no, it’s time for the annual misogyny in publishing and the doublestandard … Continue reading

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A Rather Romance-Heavy Linkdump

I had a dreadful day at school today with some of my fifth-graders acting up so badly that I had to get the headmaster involved. The class was always okay before, but we got new students and two of them … Continue reading

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A Plagalanche, toxic Westeros, responses to romance bashing, rape in fantasy, redneck bashing and Dallas remade

Yesterday’s plagiarism post has broken the visitor record for this blog, largely due to a link from the VroniPlag press review. The VroniPlag press review also offers a link to this Spiegel Online article about the Althusmann case. Turns out … Continue reading

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Pulitzer Prize winner manages to insult chick lit authors

The 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction goes to Jennifer Egan’s novel A Visit From the Goon Squad. National Public Radio has more on the novel and why it won. Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Jennifer Egan. Jennifer Egan also … Continue reading

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