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Making my Peace with the God of Thunder – Of Marvel’s Thor, Richard Wagner and Cultural Appropriation

Tor.com has some more amusing post Comicon reporting such as a whole lot of photos and videos of John Barrowman a.k.a. Captain Jack Harkness kissing a whole lot of more or less famous people of various genders and species. The … Continue reading

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Too Bloody Hot Linkdump

Tor.com sums up all the important stuff that happened at this year’s San Diego Comicon. Love Loki assembling his army in the middle of a “Marvel films” panel. I never much cared for Loki in the comics (or Thor for … Continue reading

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Danish Waif Wins Eurovision Song Contest or Thor II: The Musical

I almost forgot this was on and spent the first half of the evening watching something else, but while channel flipping during a commercial break, I suddenly realized that the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest was on tonight, broadcast live from … Continue reading

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Thor or the Thorny Issue of the God of Thunder

Yesterday, I ended up watching Thor with a friend, since neither of us had seen it before. Now Thor is among my least favourite Marvel heroes along with Captain America and the Punisher. My initial introduction to the character was … Continue reading

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