Too Bloody Hot Linkdump sums up all the important stuff that happened at this year’s San Diego Comicon. Love Loki assembling his army in the middle of a “Marvel films” panel. I never much cared for Loki in the comics (or Thor for that matter), but Tom Hiddleston is a delight in the role.

iO9 has a neat article about what to call (hypothetical) aliens from other planets of our solar system. In the aborted space opera epic I conceived in my teens, “terrestrial” was the PC term for people from Earth, while “Earthman” or “Earthwoman” was offensive, which regularly confused clueless Earthpeople.

The New Yorker has a nice article on book cover design and how modern book covers often seem so bland compared to pulp magazine and mass market paperback covers of the early 20th century. I very much agree, but then I am very fond of pulpy cover design.

Salon interviews Shawna Trpcic who worked as a costume designer on most of Joss Whedon’s oevre as well as on Torchwood (I presume the US co-produced season 4).

T-Online reveals the possible truth behind the legend of the Flying Dutchman.

More odd news from T-Online, which is a treasure trove of odd headlines in general such as “minister bitten by poisonous snake” (in Panama) or “Football referee beheaded by irate fans” (in Brazil): A potential grave of suspected vampires has been unearthed in the town of Gliwice in Poland. The skeletons were found with their heads chopped off and their bodies covered with heavy stones and without any personal effects at all. Of course, the dead might also be execution victims, since the mass grave was located near the former town gallows. Still, there is a story idea in this somewhere.

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