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Notes on the Virtual Bloody Scotland Festival and the Differences Between SFF and Crime Fiction Cons

Bloody Scotland is a crime fiction festival that normally takes place in Stirling, Scotland. But like pretty much every other con or literary festival this year, Bloody Scotland has gone virtual for obvious reasons. Now Bloody Scotland is somewhat more … Continue reading

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Of Outlander, Sex and the Female Gaze

I finally got around to watching the first few episodes of the TV adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I was rather sceptical, when the series was first announced, partly because I’m not the world’s biggest Outlander fan and partly … Continue reading

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Photos: Charles Rennie Mackintosh Architecture

I promised you photos, so here you have photos. Alas, these photos aren’t new, but were drawn from my personal archives due to current events. You may have heard that the Glasgow School of Art, a stunning Art Noveau building … Continue reading

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Scotland Photos Part 5: Crathes Castle

I promised on last Scotland photo post and here it is with photos of Crathes Castle, a 16th century building with a large estate and stunning gardens located some twenty kilometres west of Aberdeen. The castle is supposedly haunted by … Continue reading

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Scotland Photos Part 4 – Harbour, Beach and Footdee

Aberdeen is a harbour city and since the 1970s, Aberdeen harbour has been the main hub for supplying the oil platforms in the North Sea. Indeed, Aberdeen was one of the cities that were always mentioned in the maritime weather … Continue reading

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Scotland Photos Part 3 – Pubs and Bars

Britain in general has a great range of interesting pubs with interesting interiors in interesting locations, whereas German bars tend to be quite samey. But on this trip, I came across a few really unique pubs, and of course I … Continue reading

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Scotland Photos, Part 2: Old Aberdeen

Old Aberdeen – not to be confused with just plain Aberdeen, of which I shared some photos a few days ago – is a formerly independent town that is now part of the city of Aberdeen. Though nowadays, Old Aberdeen … Continue reading

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Scotland Photos Part 1: Aberdeen

For all of you who are weary of the US election coverage and want some distraction, here are some photos of Aberdeen taken during my recent trip to the UK. I’ll be posting more in the next few days. From … Continue reading

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In Aberdeen

As the headline says, I’m currently in Scotland in the city of Aberdeen. Sorry about the extended radio silence, but the hotel only offers 30 minutes of free WiFi per day and that is primarily reserved for important e-mails, crucial … Continue reading

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