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Bremen, Books and Banksy

I was in Bremen today. I had lunch at the Restaurant Übersee and ate their penne with chicken breast and broccoli in plum chili sauce. I don’t really need the chicken, but I love the sauce. I also bought two … Continue reading

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Busy with something else linkdump

I’ve been hard at work preparing the next Pegasus Pulp e-book for publication. This time around, it’s the first of several stories and novellas I wrote about the Silencer, a masked vigilante in the tradition of the pulp mags of … Continue reading

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Writing Links for the Weekend

I came across some really good writing posts and articles of late, so have some links:

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Bodily Functions in Fiction and Reality

Either I have caught some kind of stomach bug or I simply ate something that disagreed with me. I sincerely hope the culprit wasn’t this recipe from the New York Times site that I tried out on Wednesday, because I … Continue reading

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Vampires and Supervillains

Here are two posts on vampires from Theodora Goss and Nathan Ballingrud. What unites both of them as well as many others in the speculative fiction community is that they see the romanticization of the vampire in decent years as … Continue reading

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A Bouquet of Writing Links

I don’t really have anything of interest to say, too busy with translating and writing to do much else, so have a couple of writing links instead: Theodora Goss has a great post on the importance of writing every day. … Continue reading

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Just some links

It’s still very cold and didn’t even get any higher than minus eight degrees or so all day long. Still snowing, too. There’s perhaps been another three centimeters or so of snow over night. What is more, I was away … Continue reading

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Real World Settings and Research Fallout

There are many reasons I prefer writing fantasy and SF – one of them is that you don’t have to deal with the constraints imposed by real world settings. But some stories, unfortunately, insist on being set in the real … Continue reading

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Links, Linguistics and Writing

We’ve had more snow today. It started snowing in the morning and by the time I had to go to school for my afternoon class, I had to shovel the car free. It’s started snowing again sometime in the evening … Continue reading

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