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Women in Speculative Fiction, News on the Grimdark Debate and the Unsung Heroes of German Literature

Strange Horizons is once again fighting the good fight and has broken down book reviews in major SFF venues by gender of the author and reviewer. The results are still largely discouraging. At Salon, Alex Heimbach also reports on the … Continue reading

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An Interview with Cora, a German cinema scandal, vintage German pulp fiction, writing tips and more

First of all, I’ve been interviewed once again and answer 5 questions for authors and talk a bit about Murder in the Family at Randomize Me. You can also find links to other interviews I have done around the web … Continue reading

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Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Shreck and The Persuaders and adapting globalized pop culture to local tastes

The Jewish interest webzine The algemeiner (The spelling is theirs) has an interesting article about the Israeli obsession with Tarzan (found via Charles Tan). Apparently, the Tarzan obsession in Israel was so great once upon a time that plenty of … Continue reading

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Away for a few days – and a video from the Leipzig Book Fair

Today was the last day of school. Luckily, it wasn’t too exhausting – though many of my 9th-graders still didn’t practice the vocabulary they’ve been supposed to practice for two weeks now. From tomorrow on I’ll be in Yorkshire for … Continue reading

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Science Fiction is dying… – again – and what Downton Abbey and The Help say about contemporary American culture

There is another “death of science fiction” debate – this time in Germany. I stumbled upon it while looking for Gauck links of all things. At the tech news site Telepolis, German science fiction writer Michael Szameit laments the impending … Continue reading

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Three Anniversaries

Exactly fifty years ago today (okay, yesterday, since I didn’t get the post up before midnight), on September 8, 1961, Unternehmen Stardust, the first issue of the German science fiction “Romanheft” Perry Rhodan appeared, in which US-astronaut Perry Rhodan with … Continue reading

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e-Books International

British crime fiction writer David Hewson has not so enthusiastic view on e-books and indie publishing. What I consider most important among his observations is that e-readers have not nearly the market penetration in Europe that they (apparently) have in … Continue reading

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Time Management for Translators and Jack of All Genre Links

Today is another linkdump day, because I spent the evening at the monthly translators’ meet-up and also have two bigger translation jobs going on at the same time. Until yesterday I had three, but I got one of those translations … Continue reading

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Some Indie Publishing Links for the Weekend

In addition to juggling two bigger translation projects, at least one of which happens to be mind-numbingly boring*, I am also hard at work getting my first e-novelette ready for launch. I’ve finished the cover and now I’m getting the … Continue reading

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Book Haul, Romanheft Woes and the Demise of the Cheque

Today, I was at the bank to pay a cheque into my account and had an “Okay, now how does this work again” moment, because I haven’t actually handled a cheque in ages. For something that used to be nigh … Continue reading

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