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Cora is Elsewhere on the Web Today

The third local paper Kreiszeitung also reported about my Hugo win today. This article by Andreas Hapke focusses on the odyssey (chronicled here) that my poor Hugo trophy had to go through to reach me. And here is the article … Continue reading

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Remembering Wolfgang Völz (1930 – 2018)

German actor Wolfgang Völz died today aged 87. Here is a video obituary with clips of some of his most famous parts. Wolfgang Völz was a German TV legend. If you watched TV in Germany at some point in the … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace Götz George a.k.a. Horst Schimanski

I was planning to blog about the slyly subversive content of Independence Day today, in response to an article about the movie I vehemently disagreed with. However, then I saw on Twitter that German actor Götz George had died aged … Continue reading

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Great German Movies on YouTube

In the comments to my last post, I recommended a bunch of full vintage German movies I found on YouTube to Sherwood. In case somebody else is interested as well, here is the list again, reorganized and expanded a bit. … Continue reading

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A lexical oddity or how a 1970s cop left its mark on the German language

I actually have one more photo post coming up, but for now here’s a short linguistics post inspired by happening upon a rerun on TV. I supposed you all know those magnetic beacons that can be attached to the roof … Continue reading

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That ain’t Kentucky

Last night, I chanced to see a bit of Justified, a newish American TV show that only just started in Germany in a late night slot. I hadn’t planned on watching the show, because the trailers made it look like … Continue reading

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Gender Roles and Gender Role Reversal in Fiction and Television

YA writer Mette Ivie Harrison discusses gender masquerades and gender role reversal using the TV show The Mentalist as an example. I’ve been watching the show, but I have to confess that I never noticed the gender role reversal between … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Squeakers – and Edgar Wallace goes arte

I once wrote a whole article about my love for the German Edgar Wallace film adaptions of the 1960s. It will eventually be collected along with my other essays on vintage pop culture in a volume from Pegasus Pulp, but … Continue reading

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Of crappy spin-offs

I have given up on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, when I realized that the sniper in tonight’s episode could have shot every single team member save Garcia and I wouldn’t have cared. How can the spin-off be so mind-bogglingly bad, … Continue reading

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No, Criminal Minds, no!

So I watched the first episode of the Criminal Minds spin-off Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior last night along with a fifth season episode of the original. Now I mainly watch crime dramas or police procedurals, as we’re apparently calling them … Continue reading

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