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Cora time travels to 1964 and checks in on Perry Rhodan

Today, I’m over at Galactic Journey again with an article on the latest developments of Perry Rhodan – in 1964. It’s a follow-up to my earlier Perry Rhodan article from last July. In addition to the latest developments in Perry … Continue reading

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A quick post and a couple of links

I’m still busy with the 2018 July short story challenge as well as other stuff, so this is just a quick post with some links to elsewhere: First of all, I’m blogging at Galactic Journey again. This month, I talk … Continue reading

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Cora travels through time to blog elsewhere

Blogging has been light here in the past few weeks, because the unseasonably hot weather has been sapping my energy. I have a couple of posts planned and there will be a new release announcement soon as well. But for … Continue reading

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Rücksturz in die Zukunft – “Raumpatrouille Orion” at Fifty

1966 was a landmark year for science fiction television. It saw the premieres of Time Tunnel, Mission Impossible, the Adam West Batman series, The Green Hornet (which also introduced Bruce Lee to western audiences) and of course, Star Trek. What … Continue reading

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Two posts on the German publishing world

I know that many of you are not regular readers of the Pegasus Pulp blog, which is more focussed on publishing related subjects. So I’d like to point you to two recent posts about the German publishing world over on … Continue reading

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Austrian SF legend Dietmar Schönherr dies

Austrian actor and television personality Dietmar Schönherr died yesterday aged 88. Here are two obituaries from Die Welt und Der Tagespiegel as well as a video obituary courtesy of kulturzeit. In spite of the surfeit of world news on this … Continue reading

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Science Fiction is dying… – again – and what Downton Abbey and The Help say about contemporary American culture

There is another “death of science fiction” debate – this time in Germany. I stumbled upon it while looking for Gauck links of all things. At the tech news site Telepolis, German science fiction writer Michael Szameit laments the impending … Continue reading

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Three Anniversaries

Exactly fifty years ago today (okay, yesterday, since I didn’t get the post up before midnight), on September 8, 1961, Unternehmen Stardust, the first issue of the German science fiction “Romanheft” Perry Rhodan appeared, in which US-astronaut Perry Rhodan with … Continue reading

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e-Books International

British crime fiction writer David Hewson has not so enthusiastic view on e-books and indie publishing. What I consider most important among his observations is that e-readers have not nearly the market penetration in Europe that they (apparently) have in … Continue reading

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