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Yorkshire Photos Part 4: Scenery

For the final part of my Yorkshire photo posts, I offer a couple of scenery and nature shots, mostly taken from train windows. Enjoy!

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Yorkshire Photos Part 3: Harrogate – with bonus Eurovision 1982 clips

Harrogate, a historical spa town in North Yorkshire, is less well known than York or Leeds, but very beautiful and well worth a visit. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was the Northern rival to Bath (and is mentioned … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Photos 2: York

While Leeds was a bit underwhelming with its unabashed love for highrise buildings, York was more like it. A medieval city located on a spot inhabited since pre-Roman times with Britain’s largest gothic cathedral and narrow streets lined with timbered … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Photos 1: Leeds

Leeds is, to put it politely, not the most beautiful city you’ll ever see. There are some nice Victorian buildings in the city centre (I saw hardly anything that predated the 19th century), but the city suffered badly from a … Continue reading

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In Yorkshire

As you can tell by this post, I arrived safely here in Yorkshire, though I ended up in the last two rows of a KLM Fokker 70 twice in a row. The last two or three rows of a Fokker … Continue reading

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Away for a few days – and a video from the Leipzig Book Fair

Today was the last day of school. Luckily, it wasn’t too exhausting – though many of my 9th-graders still didn’t practice the vocabulary they’ve been supposed to practice for two weeks now. From tomorrow on I’ll be in Yorkshire for … Continue reading

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