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Cora time travels to 1963 again

I’ve got another article up at Galactic Journey. This one is about The Silent Star a.k.a. First Spaceship to Venus, an East German/Polish science fiction film based on Stanislaw Lem’s novel Astronauts. So hop over there and check it out. … Continue reading

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Cora blogs elsewhere yet again…

Today, I’m over at Galactic Journey again, this time with a look at the state of East German and East European (well, Polish, since East Germany already had Stanislaw Lem translations at the time) science fiction back in 1963. For … Continue reading

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A quick post and a couple of links

I’m still busy with the 2018 July short story challenge as well as other stuff, so this is just a quick post with some links to elsewhere: First of all, I’m blogging at Galactic Journey again. This month, I talk … Continue reading

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Cora travels through time to blog elsewhere

Blogging has been light here in the past few weeks, because the unseasonably hot weather has been sapping my energy. I have a couple of posts planned and there will be a new release announcement soon as well. But for … Continue reading

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More Griping about Star Trek Discovery and Some Surprising Parallels to Raumpatrouille Orion

Yeah, to a certain degree another post about Star Trek Discovery. For previous installments in the loose series “Let me tell you of all the ways in which Star Trek Discovery sucks”, see here, here and here. Interestingly, by now … Continue reading

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Wolfgang Jeschke, Nutty Nuggets and mixed SF Links

Since my last post, a couple of other obituaries for Wolfgang Jeschke have popped up online, including a few in English: Mike Glyer at File 770 has an English language obituary. Locus Online has another English language obituary. Phantastik-Couch offers … Continue reading

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Too Many Deaths – Sir Christopher Lee, Wolfgang Jeschke, James Last and a couple of others

We only just lost Pierre Brice, but it seems the universe is conspiring to take away even more of our best and brightest, because the wave of deaths of much beloved celebrities continues unabated. The most discussed death today is … Continue reading

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