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New Year’s Night 2015/2016

2016 is approximately five hours old where I am, so a Happy New Year to all readers and followers of this blog. As always, WordPress/Jetpack offer a yearly report and the 2015 report for this blog may be found here. … Continue reading

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A new fantasy story available and Cora participates in an SF Signal Mind Meld

First of all, I was invited to participate in SF Signal‘s regular Mind Meld feature. The subject this time around was cities in science fiction and fantasy. You can see my answer as well as those of Kelly McCullough, Beth … Continue reading

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In Memoriam Günther Grass

Yesterday, German novelist, poet and artist Günther Grass died of a lung infection aged 87. His death caused an outpour of tributes and condolences from writers and politicians worldwide. Deutsche Welle and The Guardian have collected a few of them. … Continue reading

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A few words on VAT and pricing

As you may or may not know, from January 1 on, the European Union has changed the way that VAT (value added tax, similar to sales tax in the US) is calculated for cross-border transactions, including online sales. Previously, VAT … Continue reading

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“Good Bye, Lenin”, Thuringia, ambiguity and the vanishing of two countries

Warning: There is a lot of blather about German politics in the following, so if that bores you just skip this post: Send to Kindle

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It’s dead, Jim – On the Cancellation of “Wetten Dass?”

Yesterday evening, I flipped through my TV listings magazine, switched on the TV, surfed right over public channels, found an episode of NCIS, realised that I had seen it before and remembered it pretty well, switched off the TV to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Scandals

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Time to talk about awesome women, even though at least the SFF community is still stuck talking about a man. International Women’s Day has never been a big deal in Germany, even though the … Continue reading

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More Maischberger and more SFWA

The Maischberger talkshow featuring two raging homophobes debating whether the fact that GLBTQI people exist should be included in school curricula that I mentioned in yesterday’s post is now available online at the ARD Mediathek. Alas, it’s 75 minutes long, … Continue reading

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Promo and plugs and my cousin goes indie

Because October is the month of Halloween, Julie from Bards and Sages Publishing has set up a cross publisher bundle of horror and dark fantasy fiction over at DriveThruFiction. The bundle includes Letters from the Dark Side as well as … Continue reading

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The latest political plagiarism scandal

In the aftermath of the German general election last weekend, we have been seeing heads rolling (metaphorically of course – no one is guillotining politicians) on a scale unseen since the French revolution. Victims so far include Philipp Rösler and … Continue reading

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