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David Fincher, Gone Girl and Misogyny

Robert Jackson Bennett has a great post about the movie Gone Girl and his massive issues with the film and particularly the portrayal of female sexuality as a weapon wielded against “innocent” men. Found via Natalie of The Radish. Now … Continue reading

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Away for a Few Days Linkdump

I’ll be away for a few days and since I’m not sure about Internet availability, it may be until the middle of next week until I can post again. However, there will be photos when I’m back. But in the … Continue reading

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Great German Movies on YouTube

In the comments to my last post, I recommended a bunch of full vintage German movies I found on YouTube to Sherwood. In case somebody else is interested as well, here is the list again, reorganized and expanded a bit. … Continue reading

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Quick Thunderstorm Linkdump

The heatwave of the past few days is in the process of giving way to cooler air, to pretty much everybody’s relief. Unfortunately, hot and cool air colliding means thunderstorms and rather a lot of them. We’ve already had three … Continue reading

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New Story Available: The Dark Lily

My latest release, The Dark Lily, is not just another foray into the genre of spy fiction as well as a return to the swinging sixties, but also a prequel to my other 1960s set spy novelette The Other Side … Continue reading

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Fresh May Links

According to the Telegraph, the translators who translated Dan Brown’s new book were basically kept secluded in some kind of maximum security bunker without mobile phones, internet access and very little time outside. I’ve heard of conditions like those in … Continue reading

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Edgar Wallace Rewatch: The Ringer (1964)

It’s no secret to those who have been following this blog for a while that I am a huge fan of the German Edgar Wallace film adaptions of the 1960s. I even wrote an article about the films, which will … Continue reading

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New Release: Insomnia

Once again, I have a new release to announce. This time around, it’s a psychological suspense novelette (now that is one monster of a term) called Insomnia, which chronicles one man’s growing madness and paranoia all due to his sudden … Continue reading

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Book fair interviews, sex scenes, tragic endings, Tarzan and cultural omnivores – yes, it’s another linkdump

Today is another linkdump day, sorry. It was either that or a rant about the blind techno-optimism of certain SF writers regarding nuclear power, which I would probably delete thirty seconds after posting once I realized that calling some author … Continue reading

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See the stats shoot up – Yet more on plagiarism, nihilist fantasy, thrillers and blogging

My website stats have really been exploding these past few days. Yesterday was the busiest day since the revamp/return of this blog in October 2010 with 103 visitors according to the WordPress stats plug-in. Most people seem to have come … Continue reading

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