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The German Book Prize does it again and other literary news from Germany

The German Book Prize 2013 has been awarded to Hungarian-German writer Terészia Mora for her novel Das Ungeheuer (The Monster). Spiegel Online, Tagesspiegel and the Süddeutsche Zeitung have more. Finally, here is a video interview with Ms. Mora about her … Continue reading

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Women in Speculative Fiction, News on the Grimdark Debate and the Unsung Heroes of German Literature

Strange Horizons is once again fighting the good fight and has broken down book reviews in major SFF venues by gender of the author and reviewer. The results are still largely discouraging. At Salon, Alex Heimbach also reports on the … Continue reading

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Politics in SF, Tough Women in Fiction and Pop Art Plagiarists

Nope, no more awards links today, as the online SFF community seems to have moved on to a new uproar (which I don’t want to comment on due to knowing one of the people involved). So here are some non-Hugo, … Continue reading

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Linkdump – One hundred percent Hugo and Clarke Award free

The hits on my Hugo reaction link round-up have gone through the roof thanks to links from John Scalzi, James Nicholls, Liz Bourke, Jay Lake, Radish Reviews, SF Signal and others. I’ll do another link round-up about the reactions to … Continue reading

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The Telegraph on Sex

Apparently, it’s “Let’s talk about sex scenes in fiction” week at the Telegraph, for there are no less than four current articles about literary sex. First of all, Julian Barnes, poor dear, laments that modern authors are feeling the commercial … Continue reading

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How to suppress women’s writing – the latest go-around

It’s really that time of the year. Not only are we having our annual literary versus genre fiction debate and the annual “science fiction is dying” debate – no, it’s time for the annual misogyny in publishing and the doublestandard … Continue reading

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A threesome of links and some really depressing books

I hope I’ll have more to say soon, but for now here is a threesome of interesting links: At the Bookview Café, Sherwood Smith discusses the trend towards ever darker and more violent fantasy and wonders what the appeal of … Continue reading

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And yet another plagiarism case

Yet another plagiarism case has popped up, this time concerning uncanny similarities between Lenore Hart’s 2011 novel The Raven’s Bride and Cothburn O’Neal’s 1956 novel The Very Young Mrs. Poe. Both novels deal with Virginia Clemm, cousin and teenaged bride … Continue reading

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Bookish Monday Linkdump

Glen Duncan, the British writer of literary novels with genre elements, who compared literary writers writing genre fiction to intellectuals dating porn stars in his New York Times review of Colson Whitehead’s literary zombie novel Zone One now offers a … Continue reading

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We are all pornographers now

Apparently, it’s that time of the year again. Time for another go-around of the eternal fight of literary versus genre fiction, cheered on as usual by critics rather than writers. In the past few weeks, Zone One by Colson Whitehead, … Continue reading

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