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Genre versus Literary – the Crime Fiction Edition

The old genre versus literary fiction debate has reared its ugly head again – and just when you thought that horse was well and truly dead. This time around, the opening volley was fired by one William O’Rourke, emeritus professor … Continue reading

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Some reactions to the jabs against superhero movies at the Oscars

In my Oscar reactions post, I already addressed the jabs against superhero movies during the ceremony and explained why they sat badly with me. Hell, even Birdman winning the Oscar for best picture can be seen as a slam against … Continue reading

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Mid June Linkdump

At Slate, M.R. Carey gets into the neverending literary versus genre fiction debate, belatedly responding to the attacks on genre fiction by Arthur Krystal (see my posts here and here) and Edward Docx (see my post here). At Bookworm Blues, … Continue reading

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An announcement and new entries in old discussions

Signal boost: If you’re in the Bremen area, newleaf, the English language literary magazine of the University of Bremen, will hold the launch reading for issue No. 28 at the Theaterwerkstatt in the Kulturzentrum Schlachthof on Monday, June 25, 2012, … Continue reading

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Bookish Monday Linkdump

Glen Duncan, the British writer of literary novels with genre elements, who compared literary writers writing genre fiction to intellectuals dating porn stars in his New York Times review of Colson Whitehead’s literary zombie novel Zone One now offers a … Continue reading

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Salman Rushdie is being controversial again, the Booker Prize shortlist is too readable and a headline from a parallel universe

In a lengthy interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz Salman Rushdie talked about a lot of things such as the fatwah against him, the persecution of writers worldwide, the Arab Spring, the upcoming film adaption of Midnight’s Children – oh … Continue reading

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Margaret Atwood does not hate science fiction

At the Guardian, Margaret Atwood talks about science fiction and speculative fiction, utopias and dystopias and how she views her own work. This should hopefully put all of those “Margaret Atwood hates science fiction and thinks it’s all just crap … Continue reading

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A sudden temperature drop and a linkdump

Once again, our North German weather seems to have skipped an entire season and plunged us from summer right into winter. Last weekend, we had warm and sunny temperatures of 26°C. This weekend, we have rain and daytime temperatures hovering … Continue reading

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Cora does her civic duty – and some links

First of all, I have a long post about art and money and why the whole literature versus entertainment debate annoys me up at Pegasus Pulp. There are a few notable points about yesterday’s regional elections in the North-East German … Continue reading

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