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WorldCon 77 in Dublin, Part 1: The Good…

Yes, I know that my WorldCon and TitanCon report as well as detailed Huog commentary has been much delayed, but then I’ve been ill, first with a cold acquired at WorldCon and then with a stomach bug acquired from a … Continue reading

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Cora goes to WorldCon 77 in Dublin, Ireland, and TitanCon in Belfast, Northern Ireland

This week, I’m off to Ireland for WorldCon 77 in Dublin and TitanCon, the 2019 EuroCon in Belfast the weekend after. I’ll be leaving early on Tuesday morning and am really looking forward to the experience. I’m particularly excited to … Continue reading

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Some Comments on the 2017 Dragon Awards Winners

The Dragon Awards, a new “popular” SFF award handed out at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia, have been plagued by controversy in their first two years. I blogged about some of it, though the vast majority of this year’s uproar … Continue reading

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Seasonal Views of Winschoten in the Netherlands

I guess I’ll be alternating between seasonal photos and new release announcements up to Christmas. Anyway, today I had an appointment in Winschoten, a town just beyond the Dutch-German border, which meant a 280 kilometer round trip shortly before Christmas. … Continue reading

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Two gorgeous new fantasy covers

I should actually have a new release to announce in the very near future, but for now feast your eyes on these gorgeous new covers for two of my existing fantasy stories. You can see the covers under the cut … Continue reading

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Linkdump – One hundred percent Hugo and Clarke Award free

The hits on my Hugo reaction link round-up have gone through the roof thanks to links from John Scalzi, James Nicholls, Liz Bourke, Jay Lake, Radish Reviews, SF Signal and others. I’ll do another link round-up about the reactions to … Continue reading

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October Linkdump

At Tor.com, Liz Bourke has a great rebuttal directed towards certain authors of historical fiction and historically flavoured fantasy, who excuse their lack of significant female and GLBT characters as well as characters of colour with “Well, that’s the way … Continue reading

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Who’s gay at DC, where are all the women in adult SFF and a bit about archetypes

DC Comics has finally unveiled its new gay character. No, it’s not Batman or Superman or any other of the first rank of DC heroes, but Alan Scott, the original Golden Age Green Lantern. Considering Alan Scott’s appalling luck with … Continue reading

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Report Day Links

Today is report day, i.e. the students get their report cards, which also means a long weekend, because school doesn’t start up again until next Wednesday. And since today was the last day before the reports and the last session … Continue reading

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Clash of the Comic Greats

It’s the clash of the comic greats of the 1980s: Alan Moore takes on Frank Miller over Frank Miller’s dismissal of the Occupy movement as “louts, rapists and thieves”. I don’t want to dignify Miller’s rant with a link, but … Continue reading

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